The Forgotten Art of Face to Face Meetings

The Forgotten Art of Face to Face Meetings

The value of meeting face to face with clients and partners is being questioned like never before. The popularity of technologies such as teleconferencing is soaring, with sales doubling to $1.6 billion in the last five years, reflecting an overall trend away from face to face meetings. Texting, FaceTime, Skype and GoToMeetings are just a few of the many tools people can now use to avoid communicating in person, but at Office Gemini, we still value meeting face to face.

Last week our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cesar Vega, traveled to three cities in Mexico as part of a team that went to provide training to current resellers and potential buyers in Mexico City, Leon and Aguascalientes. The team provided sales and marketing training to three different resellers in Mexico and presented the software at two different events to executives working on scanning and document management projects.

Many of the attendees in those events expressed that they had understood the software quicker and better now that it was presented to them in person. It was also easier for the Office Gemini team to map out the specific needs of each company and to understand the particular corporate cultures of each business.

The success of the meetings in Mexico last week were the result of Office Gemini’s commitment to meeting clients face to face. The team came back knowing exactly what each reseller needs and how to provide all the support necessary to help them forward. They also acquired knowledge about very specific end-user requirements that were previously unknown which will allow Office Gemini to serve its clients better.

Regardless of the technology available, face to face interactions are not in danger of extinction. At Office Gemini, we understand that they are a key to business growth and we remain highly committed to creating opportunities for these interactions.

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