Stop Multitasking and Let Your Computer Work for You

Stop Multitasking and Let Your Computer Work for You

In today’s busy world, there is never enough time to finish what one plan’s to do in the day. There is always a call that was not made, a conversation that was not had, and an email or a text message that didn’t get sent. As technology has improved, people have started applying more and more a concept that was once uniquely related to computers to everyday life. It is the idea of “multitasking” and this idea has been made popular by advances in technology that we now seem to be unable to live without.

Advances in cellular phone technology, tablets and laptops, for instance, have all led to people having constant access to others, to programs and to the internet almost instantaneously. When before one had to get to a phone to make a call, now people can receive calls while driving, eating and exercising. They can text while checking emails, call while on Facebook, and run while on a conference call with people on the other side of the world. The popular perception is that just like our technology can switch from screen to screen and from tab to tab, so can our brains. Unfortunately, new research is proving that not only is this notion incorrect but that it can be counterproductive and even dangerous to get used to multitasking.

What research shows is that when we multitask, what we are actually doing is task switching instead of fully engaging in each of the tasks we are doing. Our brain is actually unable to focus wholly on two things at once but what it can do very well is switch rapidly from one task to the other, making us feel like we are doing multiple tasks at the same time. For certain tasks like talking and driving, the delay can many times go unnoticed. For others like texting and driving, that delay can turn deadly.

Unlike humans, who have limited abilities to focus fully on different tasks, computers are only limited by the specifications of the CPU. The more robust the specifications, the more the computer will be able to run multiple programs at the same time. This also applies with software but many programs don’t offer these capabilities and utilize fully the potential of the computers. Instead of humans doing the multitasking, the ideal world is where we let technology do the multitasking for us.

Dokmee was created with multitasking capabilities with this in mind. Instead of making you wait when going from one service to the next or from one feature to another, Dokmee allows you to have multiple tabs open simultaneously with each one processing unique information so that your work gets done faster. If you need to OCR documents while you make changes to already existing documents, start a scanning job while you check your workflow inbox or export documents while you check the audit logs to see the history of what users have been doing, you just open each of those tabs and let the computer do the work for you.

Get more work done with computers that actually can focus fully on different tasks, all while you relax and take back control of your time.

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