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Office Gemini Releases Dokmee 4.0!

Office Gemini Releases Dokmee 4.0!

Office Gemini Releases Dokmee 4.0

Houston, Texas — January 10, 2012 — Office Gemini, a market leader and innovator in document management and scanning technologies, today announced Dokmee 4.0™, (, one of the world’s most advanced yet simple-to-use document management solutions, is now available for purchase.

Dokmee is an innovative solution that provides office teams with a centralized location for workers to store and manage all of their mission-critical business files in an electronically accessible environment. End-users can enjoy the convenience and security of accessing all of their documents, and even key email communications, without having to sort through a mess of paper files or hunt through a mound of disorganized electronic files on their desktop.

Now, with the new version of Dokmee 4.0, users can experience a variety of new features including: 

  • A new Web 2.0-style User Interface
  • Faster Navigation Speeds
  • Virtual Printer: Send files directly into Dokmee as a PDF from any application on your PC
  • Opening of Multiple Files: Opens multiple files using one Dokmee window and with no need to log out and back in
  • Recycle Bin: Sends deleted files to a recycle bin giving customers another chance to restore files
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Tool: Easily cut or copy files and past them in other folders or client file cabinets
  • Multi-Threading: Each process in Dokmee 4.0 is threaded for speed optimization.
  • The ability to easily Find and Replace text in index fields across multiple files and folders
  • New File Formats  – XML, Office 2010 Files and Crystal Reports Files
  • More search options, such as multiple criteria for words and phrases, as well as export capability to MS Excel, MS Word and PDF
  • Availability in eight (8) languages

All Dokmee 3.0 customers that are currently under a maintenance plan will received a FREE upgrade to the 4.0 version.

For more information about Dokmee, visit, or to learn more about Office Gemini visit


Download a trial version of Dokmee 4.0 at



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