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Office Gemini Achieves Gold Level Green Business Certification

Office Gemini Achieves Gold Level Green Business Certification

Office Gemini, an international software manufacturer, recently completed the Green Business Bureau’s Platinum gold certification.


Houston, TX, August 29, 2012:  Houston-based Office Gemini is is an international software manufacturer focused in the document management and document scanning industry. As a company that endeavors to be paperless in its own offices, as well as providing software solutions the enable its customers to do the same, Office Gemini has demonstrated its commitment to the environment by achieving the Green Business Bureau’s (GBB) Gold Level green business certification.


“Office Gemini strives to be a paperless company itself,” says Carla Delaguila, Office Gemini’s Marketing and Communications Director. “We also offer two products, Dokmee, a document management software, and Diamond Vision production level scanning software that allow other businesses to cut down on their paper consumption, as well.”


“We are an International Company, attending a conference in the leading technology capitol in the Middle East, offers an opportunity for us to expand our branding awareness and gain exposure in a country we are consistently catering our products to,” said Amanda Sundara, General Manager of Office Gemini, LLC. “We strive to consistently stay on the brink of innovation by offering our software in many different languages across the globe.”


About Office Gemini:


Office Gemini specializes in the development of document management and document imaging software. The flagship software Dokmee is used by thousands of customers in more than 30 countries and is available in 8 languages. Office Gemini is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has offices in Europe and Brazil. Learn more about Office Gemini at and

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