Being a doctor or nurse, the importance of having the most up to date information on a patient is essential. Digging through binders and file cabinets is a waste of time and space that you could be saving with a document management solution like Dokmee. Easily find the files you need immediately without ever having to leave your desk.

Organize all of your documents into individual patient files and index them by patient name, insurance, date of birth, and many other options using the automated zone recognition to extract this information. Add doctor or nurse comments to documents, and update patient information without losing the old information such as contact information and insurance. Add new pages to existing files, and search for documents based on the content of the page using full text Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Easily secure confidential patient files by hiding them or removing the editing or deletion capabilities from specific users. Internal investigations will be made easier with the ability to track the usage of the system with file and user audit logs, which also makes you HIPAA compliant.

With an included SDK as well as several built in integration tools, Dokmee is ready to integrate into any Healthcare system; this includes Allscripts, NextGen, Epic, McKesson, Cerner, and many more. Integrations between Dokmee and other programs, both Windows based and Web based, may be done for search and retrieval, indexing, importing, and viewing of files.

Dokmee is a secure, easy to use document management system designed for a variety of purposes including document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing. Dokmee adapts to any business model by maximizing accessibility and functionality in repositories of all sizes, while increasing collaboration and communication between users. With a very user friendly interface available in 19 languages, Dokmee is the smart and flexible choice.







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"As a governmental organization which deals with hospitals/offices distributed throughout the country and with the need to manage hundreds and thousands of documents, we found Dokmee to be the most efficient Document Management System which is user-friendly and faultless. After incorporating Dokmee into our organization, we have been able to manage our documents in a more organized and timely fashion, which has saved us lots of valuable time and resources."

Dr. Khaled Taleb, International Relations Coordinator at Libyan Health Ministry