Mobile Document Management

  • Accessibility meets mobility
  • Enjoy connecting from smartphones and tablets
  • Successfully access your files on the go
  • Peace of mind that you can approve documents at anytime
  • The power of organization at your fingertips


What is Dokmee Mobile?

With a complete document management solution on your mobile device, never worry about being disconnected from the office again. No matter where you are, easily access files and folders at the touch of your finger with the free Dokmee Mobile app. As long as you have an internet connection, via WiFi or mobile data plan, remain connected while at the airport, doctor's office, in between meetings, or wherever you may be. Formatted for both phones and tablets, the mobile app connects to either Dokmee Web or Dokmee Cloud.

Great Features

  • Find and Access Files
  • Add and Remove Files
  • Workflow Approvals and Rejections
  • Update Indexes
  • Email Documents
  • Scan Using Canon P-208 & P-215

How to Connect to Dokmee Mobile

  • Make sure you have Dokmee Web or Dokmee Cloud
  • Search for Dokmee Mobile in the app store of your device
  • Connect to your Web or Cloud account
  • Enjoy immediate access to your files

Download the Free Mobile App Here