Storing and managing hundreds of documents a day can lead to un-organization, loss of paperwork, and tons of stress on an accounting, purchasing, or finance department. Without a secure and readily accessible document management system, this can be difficult and potentially disastrous for the company. An easy to use document management solution like Dokmee can store, secure, and manage as much paperwork as you have without a problem. Saving time, space, and money sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

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The amount of confidential paperwork legal firms have is enough to fill an entire wall-to-wall file cabinet system. Luckily, a secure document management solution like Dokmee will safeguard sensitive files and documents to which only certain people are allowed access. Files will be safe and secure without the hassle of locks and keys, file cabinets, and bolted doors. The ease of access gained by going paperless saves time and money by not having to dig through mountains of paperwork. Read More

Human Resources

Keeping track of contracts, salaries, expense reports, and other employee files is a hassle when rummaging through file cabinet after file cabinet. A document management system to easily secure all your confidential files is exceptionally important to the Human Resources department, and Dokmee can help. A user friendly paperless system will make search and retrieval a breeze, as well as reduce the time, energy, and office space dedicated to such important documents. Employee management has never been so easy.

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The importance of having the most up-to-date information on a patient is essential to doctors and nurses. Digging through binders and file cabinets is a waste of time and space that could be saved with a document management solution like Dokmee. Easily accessing a patient file at the touch of your finger will increase the proficiency of your business and the happiness of your customers. Never leave your desk or the patient room again, and find the files you need instantly.

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With so many clients and claims to keep track of, getting organized at an insurance company may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, a document management solution like Dokmee can aid you with organization, indexing, search and retrieval, and so much more. Easily secure files inside the system and access them whenever and wherever you need. Keeping up with the latest appraisals and contracts will become effortless and make your company more efficient. Never dig through another file cabinet again.

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Student records, admissions, financial aid documents, and so much more fills up your wall to wall file cabinet system. With Dokmee, all these files and more can be stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone inside a document management solution that is user friendly and makes your office more efficient. Going paperless with Dokmee can save time, money, and space that you may be running low on.

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Real Estate

Keeping track of buyers and sellers, commercial and residential areas, open houses, and so much more is made easier with the help of Dokmee. With so much information to keep track of, a document management solution like Dokmee is almost mandatory, if not unquestionably desired. Index your files to make them immediately accessible, and secure them with a password protected login. Need a document while out on an appraisal? Access Dokmee instantly on your tablet or mobile device and never use a fax machine again. With organization this easy, what are you waiting for?

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