Say Goodbye to Paper or Keep the Clutter?

  • 7/10/2014 1:49:00 AM
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Say Goodbye to Paper or Keep the Clutter?

With so many different opinions about the journey to use less paper, many are wondering, “What’s the point?” Well, the point is to get rid of all of that paper clutter that claims your desk, your office, and your entire life. The point is to save space, time, and money. There are so many ways to go paperless that it’s easy to make the change, sometimes without even noticing. Paper is slowly disappearing, but making the conversion can be easy. Save more by using paper (less)™.

As the print journalism industry seems to be weakening, there are still many people who are holding on tight to their newspapers and magazines. We have all witnessed the decline of newspapers, especially since radio, TV, and internet became more easily accessible forms of news. Newspapers are no longer the main source of news because it has become easier to watch or listen to it while carrying on with our lives. While the sales of print journalism has declined, journalism itself will always be alive and adapting to today’s society.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many others have all made the change to digital eReaders. The huge debate over real, paper books and digital eBooks is becoming more common among avid readers. Cost, weight, and portability are among the biggest factors when deciding whether or not to get an eReader or tablet. Many have made the paperless switch and enjoy all the storage space and entertainment that comes along with them, yet others still are hooked on the look and feel of a real paper book. But getting rid of that huge bookshelf will earn you extra space in your life as well as your home.

Piles of paper everywhere can put a serious dent in your workday. Having a place to store all your documents without a chance of losing them will make your office more efficient and save money. Storing paper is expensive, and a document management system can save you all that money in the long run. With a document management system, expansion is easy. When it comes to storing paper, physical space is limited no matter where you are, but virtual space can always be added to your computer for electronic file storage.

The days of a world without paper are approaching fast whether we like it or not. With so many ways to get rid of paper and all the clutter it brings, why not try it out? Read a newspaper online, buy a tablet, and get a document management system. Toss out all that paper clutter and find a way to use paper (less)™.

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