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ECM Software

Are you tired of digging through stacks of paper to find the information you need? Dokmee is here to help with our affordable and easy-to-use Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Not only do we have the software you need, but we also have a team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants ready to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for your business.

Learn about the benefits of our software and what solutions are available to you when you reach out to us today.

How Can ECM Software Benefit Your Business?

More and more businesses have begun to digitize files as the software to do so has advanced. However, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options and unsure if ECM software is the right choice for you. If you want to take your company into the digital realm, let the experts guide you through the process.

At Dokmee, we take the time to understand the unique requirements of your business so that we can assist you in finding the best solutions. With our award-winning software, you can streamline and optimize your processes, including sharing files and processing images.

Conveniently organize, search, and share files with a single tool. Our team will help you develop a personalized plan and then implement it to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and you can trust our years of expertise.

When you are ready to learn more about our solutions and the many benefits, turn to an ECM software company with the knowledge and resources you deserve. Contact Dokmee today through our online form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We take pride in our stellar customer service and look forward to working with you to help your company go digital.

Search Functions
  • Find Files Instantly & Accurately
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Global Search
  • Track & Retrieve Files Using Keywords
  • Share Files Globally
  • Store & Manage Files In One Central Location
  • Print/E-mail Files Instantly
  • Audit Tool: Manage All Actions Performed In The Software
  • One Centralized File
  • Keep Files Organized
  • Share Files Quickly & Easily
  • Manage File Access
  • Save Time & Money
  • No Internal IT Staff Required
  • Custom Stamps
  • E-signature With Password Restrictions
  • Automate Approvals In The Matter Of Seconds 
  • Approve Workflow Files On The Go From Anywhere
  • Notifcations
    • Widget
    • Mobile
    • E-mail
    • Modify
    • Print
    • E-mail
    • Download
    • Delete
Award History
ECM Software
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


2023 Data Quadrant

Data Quadrants are proudly founded in 100% user review data and are free of traditional "magical" components such as market presence and analyst opinion, which are opaque in nature and may be influenced by vendor pressure, financial or otherwise.

The SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant evaluates and ranks products based on feedback from IT and business professionals. The placement of a software in the Data Quadrant indicates its relative ranking as well as its categorization.

Organization & Retention

With an easy to use dynamic folder structure, manually and automatically sort files into an unlimited number of folders and levels. Already have files and folders organized in Windows? Simply drag the entire folder structure into Dokmee and it will be recreated with the files automatically OCR’d and searchable based on the content.

File Sharing & Collaboration

Share files across your organization with peace of mind. Store and manage any file type in Dokmee, with built in viewing capabilities for PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, DWG, DXF, MSG, EML, and much more. Add annotations, mark-ups, and notes to files. With a collaborative Microsoft Office viewer, open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.


Utilizing the integrated audit log, all system and file actions are monitored and logged for effortless report generation. Safeguard files with user controls at cabinet, folder, and file levels, seamlessly integrating with Active Directory. All files imported and created with Dokmee are encrypted on the server to ensure that accessibility is restricted to authorized Dokmee users only.


With an in depth rules based workflow, customize and manage document flow and business processes for multi-user approval requirements. The Workflow inbox is also accessible from the Dokmee Mobile product.

  • Individual user inboxes
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Automatic document stamping
  • Index field updates based on approval or rejection
  • Document flow history tracking

Online collaboration has never been easier than with Dokmee Cloud. As a securely hosted, fully featured Enterprise Content solution, Dokmee Cloud enables you to work on the go from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. Audit who is accessing the files and all actions being performed. Dokmee is capable of handling the IT management responsibility if need be.

On Premise

Every company has documents, records and files stored in every corner of the office. Dokmee can help you organize, secure and manage those files efficiently. We can help you go digital today, while allowing you to manage all your Enterprise content needs by storing your files on site.

Automate Workflows

Manage document flow and business processes for multi-user approval requirements

File Sharing

Automatically purge and delete files based on a specific retention period


Convert images to searchable files: PDF, TIFF, JPEG. Supports over 134 languages

File Retention

Multiple users can view files at the same time, along with version control for editing and revisions


Add layers to images such as custom stamps, sticky notes and e-signatures


Audit log, file encryption, and user restrictions with Active Directory integration 

Enterprise Content Management Software

Looking To Go Digital?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software?

ECM software is a platform that helps organizations capture, store, manage, and distribute their electronic content and documents throughout their lifecycle, ensuring secure and efficient information management.

What are the benefits of implementing ECM software?

Implementing ECM software offers benefits such as improved document organization, enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, streamlined workflows, better compliance with regulations, reduced storage costs, and faster information retrieval.

How does ECM software help with document management?

ECM software provides features like document capture, indexing, storage, retrieval, version control, and workflow automation, making it easier to manage documents, ensure their integrity, and control access to them.

Can ECM software integrate with other systems and applications?

Yes, ECM software is designed to integrate with other systems and applications commonly used in organizations, such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), email clients, and more, to facilitate seamless information exchange.

What features should I look for in an ECM software solution?

Important features to consider in ECM software include document imaging and scanning capabilities, metadata management, full-text search, security and access controls, workflow automation, version control, records management, and integration capabilities.

How does ECM software facilitate collaboration and workflow automation?

ECM software allows users to collaborate on documents, track changes, and automate processes through workflows. It enables multiple users to work on documents simultaneously, provides notification and approval mechanisms, and streamlines tasks and approvals.

Is ECM software scalable to accommodate growing organizational needs?

Yes, ECM software is designed to be scalable and can accommodate the growing content and document management needs of organizations. It can handle large volumes of data and users, allowing for expansion and increased usage over time.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive data in ECM software?

ECM software offers various security measures, including user authentication, role-based access control, encryption, audit trails, and data loss prevention mechanisms. It ensures that sensitive information is protected and only accessible to authorized individuals.

Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM)

Dokmee ECM

  • Version 7 & Up
  • Browser Compatibility: Edge | Chrome | Safari | Mozilla Firefox
  • Recommended or preferred: Chrome

System Requirements User Guide

The Power Of Integration

With an included API as well as several built in integration tools, Dokmee is ready to integrate into any business process or enterprise management system such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Workday, SalesForce, QuickBooks, Allscripts, NextGen, Oracle, and more. Integrations between Dokmee and other programs, both Windows based and Web based, may be done for search and retrieval, indexing, importing, and viewing of files. The easy access Microsoft Office toolbar allows you to send files directly from Word, Excel, and Outlook directly into Dokmee. With the Dokmee Virtual Printer, send PDF files into Dokmee from any application using the print button.

ECM Software

The Power Of Active Directory

The ability to synchronize with Active Directory makes setting up these security protocols even easier and integrates your network system directly into Dokmee to ensure that when employees leave the company, their access to the system is immediately switched off.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Software
SSO (Single Sign On)

Within Dokmee ECM we have an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple software applications with ONE set of login credentials

  • Why Corporations use SSO:
    • Allow users to remember and manage less passwords and usernames for each application
    • Streamline the process of signing on and using applications-no need to re-enter passwords
    • Lessens the chance of phishing
    • Less complaints or trouble about passwords for IT help-desks
Graphical Workflow

With Dokmee's powerful workflow engine, you can create virtually any business process within your organization

  • Creating a workflow in Dokmee is intuitive and simple:
    • No coding required
    • Start (Activate) tasks in series or parallel
    • Set up dynamic approvals
    • Track your progress through a color-coded visual depiction
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions
New Integration: Dokmee ECM & DocuSign Electronic Signature

Sign From Anywhere

Provide professionals with a simple way to electronically sign and return documents from almost anywhere in the world

Digital Signature

Secure & Compliant

A platform that lets you meet some of the most stringent security, privacy and data requirements. Signed documents are legally binding

Electronic Signature

Flexible Routing

Route documents to multiple users in serial, parallel and mixed sequencing to tailor to your internal processes

Electronic Signature Software
The E-Signature Solution Trusted By Hundreds Of Millions Of Users

Get remote work done faster and easier. From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, DocuSign eSignature is the world’s #1 way to send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time.

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