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Digital Transformation In Energy

The Energy industry is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful industry we have today. Dokmee can automate your back-end processes while optimizing organization and management of projects. Regulation compliancy is easily met, and manual and automatic purge options help clean out the system.

Workflow to Automate Processes

Complete Security & Audit Log

Mobile Application Included

File Sharing & Collaboration


MS Office/Office 365 Integration

Version Control & File Retention

Digital Stamps & Signatures

Advanced Logic Based Searching

Dokmees Workflow Makes The Approval Process Pain-free


With an included Web API as well as several built-in integrations tools. Dokmee is ready to integrate into any Project Management system.


Integration between Dokmee and other programs, both Windows and Web based, may be done for search and retrieval, indexing, importing, and viewing of files.


The Workflow inside Dokmee speeds up the internal verification processes needed for approvals, contracts, and quality assurance giving you the ability to track file status immediately, even while the verification process is still going on.


Easily route documents to individuals or groups with predefined rules and action requirements.

Centralized Location

When you retrieve a file, it can be a daunting task that takes up the majority of your time. Who was the last one in here? Has it been updated? Who has access to this file?

Centralized Location

With Dokmee alleviate these questions and concern's altogether by optimizing your refinery processes and tasks by storing your files in one central location.


Securing and protecting confidential information has never been easier. With Dokmee protect confidential information with security based on roles and responsibilities of the end user.


Group and user restrictions allow files to be hidden or confidential. Removing editing or deletion rights will ensure that files remain unchanged and intact.


Before Dokmee, when an invoice arrived it had to be routed to specific managers for approval and depending on the invoice some went to multiple managers for approval. They would end up sitting on the manager's desk for weeks and sometimes be overlooked. Now, with Dokmee's workflow abilities, we were able to create multiple custom workflows to route the invoices to the proper manager or managers for approval. This has reduced the time it takes for invoice approval from weeks to just days. In addition, the ability to look invoices from previous years is much faster and efficient.

Mike V Manager

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