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As a global software developer, Dokmee's array of software solutions are aimed at the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and scanning industry. We distribute these solutions through an immense worldwide network of value-added resellers (VARs).

Our two premier solutions, Dokmee ECM and Dokmee Capture are used by thousands of end users in more than thirty countries and is available in several different languages. The state of the art software implementation assistance and strategic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and scanning consulting services we offer allow us to provide a wide range of benefits to our end users and VARs equally.

Organizations worldwide across various industries, including Accounting, Legal, Health Care, Education and Real Estate use Dokmee solutions to streamline and optimize their file sharing capabilities and imaging processes as they strive to become digital.

Workflow: Automate BPO's
Security & Audit Log
Mobile Application
File Sharing & Collaboration
Logic Based Searching
Data Capture

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Our sales and support consultants are not only experts on our software solutions but are also well-informed about the industry and can help with complementing software and hardware products. With locations around the world, Dokmee supports our clients virtually anywhere in over a dozen language and dialects.

At Dokmee, we work hand in hand with our resellers and end users to fully understand their needs and desires. Getting our customers' feedback 24/7, allow us to accommodate the demands of the ECM and imaging industry. Our knowledgeable Enterprise Content Management consultants are here to assist you in the planning and implementation of a complete digital office, so you can stop sifting through your file cabinets.

We also maintain well-built relationships with other software and hardware manufactures so that our resellers and end users may get a complete, all-inclusive solution. Dokmee three main focal points in developing products are always Ease of Use, Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness.


Dokmee is the most powerful tool for managing documents and processes that I have worked with. Dokmee increasingly grows in the market due to existing features and the ease of use.

Lawson D Director

Excellent software, easy to use functionality that perfectly fits the needs. Quite a major move was accomplished without a fuss, the team was simply the best, very efficient, and always ready to help.

Raed H IT Manager

As a partner, and based on our experience of using Dokmee, we are very proud and convinced of the high caliber services and products that Dokmee provides.

Walid Z CEO

Support is EXCELLENT! I would do business with Dokmee for one reason and that is the great support I receive.

Simmi M Owner/President
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