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The Benefits Of Dokmee Cloud

An award-winning ECM solution for streamlining the digital transformation process in a manner that is efficient, cost effective, and user-friendly. Dokmee is a secure, easy to use enterprise content management system designed for a variety of purpose including document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing.

Dokmee adapts to any business model by maximizing accessibility and functionality in repositories of all sizes, while increasing collaboration and communication between users. With a very user friendly interface available in 19 languages, Dokmee is the smart and flexible choice.

  • Keep Files Organized
  • Share Files Quickly & Easily
  • Manage File Access
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Save Time & Money
  • Not Internal IT Staff Required
  • Share Files Globally
  • Store & Manage Files In One Central Location
  • Print/E-mail Files Instantly
  • Approve Workflow Files On The Go
  • Audit Tool: Manage All Actions Performed In The Software
Cost Effective
  • Supports All Major Cloud Service Providers
  • Let Dokmee Maintain The Servers & Software Updates
  • One Low Rate Each Month To Use Our Equipment & Software
  • Restricted Key Card Access
  • Uninterruptible Power System
  • 24 Hour Battery Back Up
  • Standby Generator
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Fire Protection
Organization & Retention

With an easy to use dynamic folder structure, manually and automatically sort files into an unlimited number of folders and levels. Already have files and folders organized in Windows? Simply drag the entire folder structure into Dokmee and it will be recreated with the files automatically OCR’d and searchable based on the content.

File Sharing & Collaboration

Share files across your organization with peace of mind. Store and manage any file type in Dokmee, with built in viewing capabilities for PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, DWG, DXF, MSG, EML, and much more. Add annotations, mark-ups, and notes to files. With a collaborative Microsoft Office viewer, open and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio files.


With the built in audit log, all system and file activity is tracked and recorded for easy report generation. Secure files with user restrictions at the file cabinet, folder, and file level along with Active Directory integration. All files imported and created with Dokmee are encrypted on the server to ensure that accessibility is restricted to authorized Dokmee users only.


With an in depth rules based workflow, customize and manage document flow and business processes for multi-user approval requirements. The Workflow inbox is also accessible from the Dokmee Mobile product.

  • Individual user inboxes
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Automatic document stamping
  • Index field updates based on approval or rejection
  • Document flow history tracking

Online collaboration has never been easier than with Dokmee Cloud. As a securely hosted, fully featured Enterprise Content solution, Dokmee Cloud enables you to work on the go from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. Audit who is accessing the files and all actions being performed. Dokmee is capable of handling the IT management responsibility if need be.

On Premise

Every company has documents, records and files stored in every corner of the office. Dokmee can help you organize, secure and manage those files efficiently. We can help you go digital today, while allowing you to manage all your Enterprise content needs by storing your files on site.

Automate & Optimize Workflows

Dokmee offers business and organizations great visibility into their processes and the possibility to adapt those processes to changing requirements with a very user-friendly Workflow builder

Version Control

Avoid version issues with Dokmee altogether. Track, edit, Check-In/Check-Out different file versions in one central location for an optimal search and retrieval process


Securing and protecting confidential information has never been easier than with Dokmee. Secure files with user restrictions at the file cabinet, folder and file level along with Active Directory integration

Cloud ECM

Effective, Efficient And User-friendly

Cloud ECM Software

Dokmee Cloud ECM

  • Version 7 & Up
  • Browser Compatability: Edge | Chrome | Safari | Mozilla Firefox
  • Recommended or preferred: Chrome

System Requirements User Guide

Digital Transformation Trends

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The Power Of Integration

With an included API as well as several built in integration tools, Dokmee is ready to integrate into any business process or enterprise management system such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Workday, SalesForce, QuickBooks, Allscripts, NextGen, Oracle, and more. Integrations between Dokmee and other programs, both Windows based and Web based, may be done for search and retrieval, indexing, importing, and viewing of files. The easy access Microsoft Office toolbar allows you to send files directly from Word, Excel, and Outlook directly into Dokmee. With the Dokmee Virtual Printer, send PDF files into Dokmee from any application using the print button.

Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing to use Dokmee Cloud Services, a service of Office Gemini, LLC. Dokmee Cloud is a hosted storage subscription service. By utilizing the service you are in agreement of the payment terms. Payment in the agreed upon amount will be deducted from your account automatically or should be paid in full on your subscription renewal date. If you choose to cancel your subscription, your files will be available for access until the end of the agreed upon subscription plan date. No prorate or refund will be given for the remainder of a prepaid subscription plan. Failure to remit payment as agreed will result in suspension of your account. In the event of cancellation or non-renewal, files may be kept on our servers for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days after expiration of the subscription plan. Please ensure that all billing information is current and correct.