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The Dokmee Capture Process

Improving business processes with no per click charges or limitations sounds almost too good to be true, but with Dokmee Capture it is a reality! Dokmee Capture is the ideal document capture software for scanning service bureaus, centralized scanning departments within large corporations, or companies looking to convert a large backlog of files.

Get unlimited scanning with the ABBYY OCR engine, an advanced data extraction tool in Magic Indexing, and an even more intuitive data extraction tool in AI scripting. With these tools you can reduce costs, increase processing speed, and eliminate manual errors by automating the capture, data extraction, and processing of your critical business files.
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Works with every major scanner and MFP. Integration with image enhancement driver software such as Fujitsu PaperStream IP. Automatic import options for network devices and pre-scanned images that may require further processing. Import TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP files.

QUALITY Control (QC)

Post scan image enhancement options such as despeckle, deskew, image crop, hole punch removal, border removal, and more. Editing tools and practical time saving shortcut options such as hot keys that are intuitive to use make the scanning and quality control process faster and more accurate than ever.


Multiple index profiles and meta data templates ensure that all of your file types are uniquely and personally tagged with important information for easy search and retrieval later. Manually or automatically index files with various field types such as text, number, date, and select lists. Create PDF Bookmarks manually or automatically from barcode values.


Push images and data into any enterprise management system or file sharing structure, along with automatic file naming and folder creation for quick and efficient organization and collaboration. Supported export image formats include TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, GIF, BMP. Metadata may be exported as TXT, CSV, XML, and other customizable formats.

Understand your Roi

Track the productivity and efficiency of users and processes. The built in reporting tool allows administrators to track and audit productivity and profitability automatically versus an alternative manual logging process. Input costs and revenue so that profitability reports are automatically generated. 

Document Capture Software

Network Edition


Dokmee Capture Network Edition provides users with the ability to separate the scanning, quality control, indexing and exporting processes into independent tasks that can be performed simultaneously by different users yet allowing batch sharing across multiple stations and centralized management of the entire process. 

  • Unlimited Scanning - No per Click Charges
  • ABBYY/IRIS OCR Engine & Compression
  • Automatic Data Extraction
  • Magic Indexing - Operator Based
  • Scripting - AI Based Indexing 
  • Auto Processing - Scan & Done
  • Reporting tool
  • Optimal Efficiency
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Dokmee Capture


Version 6 & Up

Standalone | Network

Windows: 7 | 8 | 10 


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Data Extraction Software

Standalone Edition


Dokmee Capture Standalone Edition provides users with the ability to create an independent single station production environment for scanning, quality control, indexing and exporting processes.

  • Unlimited Scanning - No per click charges
  • ABBYY/IRIS OCR Engine & Compression
  • Optimal Efficiency  
  • Eliminate Paper Files
  • Increase in Productivity & Profitability
  • Quality Control
  • Index
  • Export 
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Automated Data Capture

Dokmee Capture provides the resources for quick, efficient and accurate automated data extraction, which in turn leads to a smooth and painless retrieval of electronic files. 

  • Barcode: 1D / 2D / QR
  • MICR: Banking Font's
  • Smart Zone OCR
  • Typed, Handwriting & Matching Recognition (OCR, ICR, OMR)
  • Database Look up & Matching - SQL, CSV, Excel, TXT
Magic Indexing

Magic Indexing is a module that radically simplifies indexing. It gives users the ability to automatically index unstructured data while being accurate and cost efficient.

  • Benefits of Magic Indexing: 
    • Productivity (Scan & Done) & Accuracy (Up to 99%)
    • Automation
    • Low Cost
    • No Learning Curve / No Software Training
    • Reduction or no need for an indexing staff
    • Typed & hand writing indexing
    • Logo Recognition
    • Available 24/7

Scripting is a feature that automates the indexing process. It gives users the ability to optimize the indexing of unstructured data while being user-friendly and cost effective.

  • Benefits of Scripting: 
    • Manipulate the index values through programming
    • Custom JavaScript indexing / Programing Language: C#
    • Automation 
    • Low Cost / Low Learning Curve / Minimal Training 
    • Reduction or no need for an indexing staff
Reporting Tool

Track the productivity and efficiency of users and processes. The built-in reporting tool allows administrators to track and audit productivity and profitability automatically versus an alternative manual logging process.

  • Reports can be generated by:
    • Profile / User 
    • Batch / Module 
  • Supported Report Formats:
    • Word / Excel 
    • PDF / SAP Crystal Reports 
Document Capture Solutions

Mobile Application


Dokmee Capture mobile app offers unlimited scanning and cleanup of images on-the-go. Perfect for sending .pdf files to any cloud solution provider or send directly to Dokmee Capture Desktop software repository. Documents can be saved in folders with sharing options via SMS, email, chat, etc.

  • Unlimited Scanning - No per click charges
  • Auto Cleanup
  • Foldering
  • Automated Upload Feature (via WiFi)
  • Mobile Uploads 
  • Multilingual interface 
  • iOS Friendly 
  • Android and Windows Friendly 


How to connect to dokmee Capture mobile

Make sure you have Dokmee Capture Network or Dokmee Capture Standalone
Search for Dokmee Capture in the app store of your device 
Connect to your Capture Database
Enjoy immediate access to your batches




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