Digital Transformation: Health Care

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Digital Transformation In Health Care

The Health Care industry is one of, if not the largest and quickest growing industries worldwide. As it continues to grow, having the most up to date information on patient is essential as a doctor or nurse. Dokmee helps Health Care organization with efficient, secure and accurate access to confidential files.

Workflow to Automate Processes

Complete Security & Audit Log

Mobile Application Included

File Sharing & Collaboration

Health Care

MS Office/Office 365 Integration

Version Control & File Retention

Digital Stamps & Signatures

Advanced Logic Based Searching

Dokmee Can Assist You With Being HIPAA Compliant & Keeping Medical Confidentiality

Audit Log

Electronic records are replacing paper records, and providing quick and accurate patient information.

Audit Log

With Dokmee built-in audit log, all system and file activity are tracked and recorded while also giving you a detailed report.

Mobile Access

With a complete ECM solution on your mobile device never worry about being disconnected again.

Mobile Access

No matter where you are, easily access files such as charts and patient records at the touch of your finger with the FREE Dokmee Mobile app.

HIPAA Compliance

Failure to follow HIPAA regulations can be costly. Dokmee can help you become HIPAA certified.

HIPAA Compliance

Avoid those fines altogether by having HIPAA compliant encrypted user login credentials and a HIPAA compliant Audit Log.


Securing and protecting confidential information has never been easier. With Dokmee protect confidential information with security based on roles and responsibilities of the end user.


Group and user restrictions allow files to be hidden or confidential. Removing editing or deletion rights will ensure that files remain unchanged and intact.


As a governmental organization which deals with hospitals/offices distributed throughout the country and with the need to mange hundreds and thousands of files, we found Dokmee to be the most efficient Enterprise Content Management System which is user-friendly and faultless. After incorporating Dokmee into our organization, we have been able to manage our documents in a more organized and timely fashion, which has saved us lots of valuable time and resources.

Dr. Khaled T International Relations Coordinator

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