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Digital Transformation In Real Estate

Regardless of your position or title in the Real Estate industry, time is your number one variable. In the Real Estate industry, nothing is ever at a standstill, there is always a possibility of change. Back end processes or approvals can be a daunting task that can cause a trickle-down effect not just for the agent or broker, but the agency as well. Dokmee helps Real Estate organizations with efficient, secure and accurate access to client files.

Workflow to Automate Processes

Complete Security & Audit Log

Mobile Application Included

File Sharing & Collaboration


MS Office/Office 365 Integration

Version Control & File Retention

Digital Stamps & Signatures

Advanced Logic Based Searching

Dokmees Workflow Makes The Approval Process Pain-free

Mobile Access

With a complete Enterprise Content Management solution on your mobile device never worry about being disconnected again.

Mobile Access

No matter where you are, easily access files such as contracts, wills, SPIRs, and much more at the touch of your finger with the FREE Dokmee Mobile app.


The Workflow inside Dokmee speeds up the internal verification processes needed for contracts, escrows, and closing forms giving you the ability to track file status immediately, even while the verification process is still going on.


Easily route documents to individuals or groups with predefined rules and action requirements.

Ease Of Access

Contracts, construction leans, closing forms, inspections and so much more can be lost or misplaced.

Ease Of Access

By using an Enterprise Content Management solution, search and retrieval time is drastically reduced. Manual or automatic purging options help clear out the system.


Securing and protecting confidential information has never been easier. With Dokmee protect confidential information with security based on roles and responsibilities of the end user.


Group and user restrictions allow files to be hidden or confidential, Removing editing or deletion rights will ensure that files remain unchanged and intact.


We are very proud and convinced of the high caliber services and Enterprise Content Management products that Dokmee provides. It gives us confidence and certainty in promoting capabilities of Dokmee which we see as an integral part of the success of any firm.

Walid Z CEO

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