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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software

Every company has documents, records, and files stored in every corner of the office.

Dokmee array of solutions can help you organize, secure, and manage those files efficiently.

Supported Files: PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel, Auto-CAD drawings, E-mails and more.

Dokmee can help you go digital today and manage all your Enterprise Content needs.

Document Capture Software

Document Capture

An award-winning solution that provides powerful production level-imaging and data capture.

Capture products can charge you for every file you scan, but not with Dokmee!

Advanced Indexing: Magic Indexing - Operator Based and Scripting - AI Based.

Get unlimited scanning and no per click charges.

Cloud ECM Software

Cloud ECM

Online collaboration has never been easier than with Dokmee Cloud.

As a securely hosted, fully featured Enterprise Content solution, Dokmee Cloud enables you to work on the go from anywhere that has Wi-Fi connection.

Audit who is accessing the files and all actions being done.

Dokmee is capable of handling the IT management responsibility if need be.

Electronic Form Software

Electronic Form

Having to wait on your developers can become cumbersome, with Dokmee Forms this is no longer a bottleneck.

Dokmee Forms is a modern and intuitive form software that can easily save your organization from headaches and time.

With an easy to use interface our software puts the power in your hands. Our powerful form builder along with our robust features makes creating a form seamless.

Award History
Data Capture Software
Scanning & Enterprise Content Management Software
  • Zone Recognition
  • Annotations
  • Automated Data Capture
  • File Retention/Check-In & Check-Out
Automated BPO's & Workflow
  • Rules Based Document Routing
  • Automatic Index Updates
  • Automatic File Stamping
  • E-mail Notification & Reminders
Structured & Unstructured Form Recognition
  • Barcode & QR Code
  • OCR, ICR
  • Magic Indexing
Creating A Digital Office
  • File Sharing & Collaboration
  • Ensure Quality & Accuracy
  • Divide Tasks & Manage Workload
  • Security
Featured Clients

The functionality of Dokmee is pretty impressive, specifically if you consider it's price level compared to competitive products. It's a great tool that offers all the basics you need for data capture from scanned documents but also for managing existing digital archives including functions like version control. When scanning paper files into Dokmee it acts like a full data capture tool with automated file separation, barcode recognition, OCR etc., without having to pay per 'click' as other applications require. That combined functionality is what I really like, a powerful capture solution and a professional enterprise management tool in a single application.

Erik B CEO / Founder

Dokmee has helped us create a better customer experience as well as increased our profitability within the last 12 months. We are able to process our invoices faster which has allowed us to take advantage of early payment discounts. Plus it has also provided us a tool to fully automate and expedite most facets of our work processes which has led to better customer service and increased employee productivity.

Chad P CTO

One of the best features in Dokmee is the flexible workflow design tool. We can build business processes that fit our requirements rather then getting boxed in to workflows a software developer has designed. Also the flexibility of running a thick client and a web client against the same libraries is very useful for our users.

More M CTO

I couldn't summarize such a powerful program with such vast features and capabilities in a short review, so simply put, Capture has led my organization to success. I will go on to say that it's one of the main vehicles for our firms success, and has our customers in awe if they get a chance to witness us working. I'm also very proud of the progress over the years, and expect much more to come in the future as I should, and know.

Josh L CTO

Digital Transformation Features

Enterprise content management software (ECM)
Automate Workflows

Manage document flow and business processes for multi-user approval requirements

File Retention

Automatically purge and delete files based on a specific retention period


Convert images to searchable files: PDF, TIFF, JPEG; Supports over 134 languages

File Sharing & Collaboration

Multiple users can view files at the same time, along with version control for editing and revisions


Add layers to images such as custom stamps, sticky notes and e-signatures


Audit log, file encryption, and user restrictions with Active Directory integration 

Digital Transformation Trends

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