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  • Dokmee Capture 6.4.1 Hotfix

    Bugs Zone Recognition: 128 Barcodes are not being read for indexing when also used for separation [52792] Export Module: Error thrown during export for profiles that only have/use Zone Recogni...
  • Dokmee Capture 6.4

    New Features Dynamic Select List Bugs Batch Profile: Attempting to save a new barcode template results in an already in use error being thrown QC Index: Multi-Update is showing the ...
  • Dokmee Capture 6.3

    We are releasing Dokmee Capture 6.3.0.  It includes improvements and fixes listed below. This should only be applied to Dokmee Capture version 6.2.0 or later. Installation instructions: 1...
  • Dokmee Web

    New Fixes Search: Advanced/Quick/MultiCab search is inconsistent. It seems like 'All index and system fields' does not include all indexes (12263) [40826]   Cumulative fix V...
  • Dokmee Web 5.1.1204

      Fixed Issues  Viewer Files with old File notes get “Index was outside the bounds of the array” error and is inaccessible [9662] AutoCad (DWG) and GIF files are not viewable [9299]  Know...
  • Dokmee Web (Thin Client) 5.1.984

      New Features   Viewer Add image annotation to Pop-out viewer Add ability to edit and Save in Workflow inbox     Improvement Application Overall navigation and search performance in...
Dokmee (Thick Client) 4.80.11556
16 December 2015

Dokmee (Thick Client) 4.80.11556





  • Overall navigation and search performance increase for database with large folder structure [8427, 8430, 8361, 8636, 8598, 8570, 8594]


Fixed Issues


  • Unable to save rotations applied to multiple pages with SHIFT or CTRL [8751]


Workflow Inbox

  • Opening Documents and tab for certain users is slow [7617]
  • Watch Folder items imported from DV/DK Capture direct upload to folder are not being placed in the first step [5545, 8142]
  • Saving new version sends back to Step 1, change priority to Medium


Known Issues


  • Annotations are not appearing in the correct spot after rotating/manipulating a document
  • Annotations disappear after applying OCR, Bates, Merge and Split
  • Opening Update Manager errors if there is another Update Manager is running in the background
  • Drag & Drop Import does not work when user launches Dokmee for the first time
  • Unable to assign rights correctly when a user belongs to a role without an assigned file cabinet (the file cabinet might have been deleted) [5876]
  • In Workflow Inbox, unable to process files across different folder permissions [6062]
  • Dokmee Link: Advanced Search Tab is not in focus when link opens a new File Cabinet [5427]
  • Outlook add-in full text not displayed [5710]
  • Unable to use Outlook email in Dokmee when Office x64 is installed [6161]
  • In Workflow inbox, sending multiple duplicates of the same reminder [6282]
  • Lose versioning after DMS upgrade from 11177 to 11269 [7094]
  • Twain scanner windows seem to hide behind the application [6760]
  • Advanced Search with full text search yield no results in large file cabinet [8433]