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    Bugs Zone Recognition: 128 Barcodes are not being read for indexing when also used for separation [52792] Export Module: Error thrown during export for profiles that only have/use Zone Recogni...
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    New Features Dynamic Select List Bugs Batch Profile: Attempting to save a new barcode template results in an already in use error being thrown QC Index: Multi-Update is showing the ...
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    We are releasing Dokmee Capture 6.3.0.  It includes improvements and fixes listed below. This should only be applied to Dokmee Capture version 6.2.0 or later. Installation instructions: 1...
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    New Fixes Search: Advanced/Quick/MultiCab search is inconsistent. It seems like 'All index and system fields' does not include all indexes (12263) [40826]   Cumulative fix V...
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      Fixed Issues  Viewer Files with old File notes get “Index was outside the bounds of the array” error and is inaccessible [9662] AutoCad (DWG) and GIF files are not viewable [9299]  Know...
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      New Features   Viewer Add image annotation to Pop-out viewer Add ability to edit and Save in Workflow inbox     Improvement Application Overall navigation and search performance in...
Dokmee Capture 5.0.2298 Hotfix
24 January 2017

Dokmee Capture 5.0.2298 Hotfix

New fix

Export: Index values greater than 50 characters are truncated to 50 characters in exported index file and folder (11743) [SysAid 31036]


Cumulative fixes

Restore batches: misplace index information to wrong document (11722) [SysAid 28742]

Export: Allow index file creation for PDF/A file types (11721)


Installation instructions:

1.            Ensure client is running 5.0.2297 and close application

2.            Disable DCImportService in Window Services (services.msc)

3.            Backup client database

4.            Backup a copy of the following files (%dokmeecapturepath%\DokmeeCapture.exe, %dokmeecapturepath%\DokmeeCapture.lib.dll, %dokmeecapturepath%\RISP\DBScripts\createdb.sql, %dokmeecapturepath%\RISP\DBScripts\upgradedb.sql)              

5.            Run DokmeeCapture.5.0.2298hotfix.exe

6.            Ensure it replace all files backed up in step 4.

7.            Launch Dokmee Capture with Run As Administrator

8.            Edit Select List and add index entry with over 70 characters

9.            Save and close Capture

10.          Launch Dokmee Capture and go back to Select list and verify index entry is saved in full.

11.          *If Select List is truncated, roll back steps 3 & 4.


Download hotfix here

\\ridc-hou2\company\OFG Testing\Release builds\Dokmee Capture