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    Bugs Zone Recognition: 128 Barcodes are not being read for indexing when also used for separation [52792] Export Module: Error thrown during export for profiles that only have/use Zone Recogni...
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Dokmee DMS hotfix
16 February 2018

Dokmee DMS hotfix

Dokmee hotfix

Only apply this hotfix to Dokmee version 6.2.0,,,,,,,, or



Brother BSI integration - Implement NFC card reader (12538)


New Fixes

My Mail Settings: In the Spanish language, the note on the Server Information tab is displayed in French (12480)

Dokmee DMS -error when indexing from excel (12469) [SysAid 48383]

File Explorer: Previewing a file that contains full text displays the full text tab in document browser information panel (12516)

Open File Viewer: In the read-only open file viewer, we need to remove the save on exit check since you cannot save in read only (12529)

DMS Scan module not working with HTTPS on Chrome (12506) [SysAid 48514]

Viewer: The preview viewer in Read-Only web is not displaying image files (12495)

Login: cannot access login screen on scanner. "Connection failed to server. Check network settings." (12508)

OCR Module: The application is crashing when attempting to open the OCR Module in the Server App (12551)

Date Search issue: Advance Search and Global Search (12368) [SysAid 44684]

Receive Service Error when editing Folder Restrictions (12514) [SysAid 48602]

Rights and restrictions within their Users Group. (12546) [SysAid 48602]

Incorrect dates in advanced search (12555) [SysAid 50117]

Preview viewer: restore old icons. somehow we have new icons (12550)

Application: DLL mismatch causing crash. DMS crash on launch (12558)

Manage User: cannot change Full Name on Cloud because Role select list is null (12532) [SysAid 49859, 49912]

Dokmee DMS- English User Guide (12559)

Application: Leave/Stay Message Randomly Appearing in DMS (12510)

Workflow Notifications/Flooding email inbox (12471) [SysAid 47282, 48398]

Viewer: Full text is showing as gibberish for Arabic text documents (11777) 


Cumulative fix

Search: Advanced and Cabinet Search return wrong results with operators when searching Date values (12435)

Import: Active import is not running at scheduled time and will not update Next Run time (12443)

Auto Import did not add newly imported files into OCR queue regardless of OCR queue settings (12410) [SysAid 40109]

Viewer: Making changes to indexes in the open file viewer does not update the timeout timer (11712) [SysAid 28752]

OCR module: Clicking on OCR module produce error message and crash application (10937)

Unable to Save Date Index Values when typing (12381)

Date Search issue: Advance Search and Global Search (12368) [SysAid 44684]

Viewer: When your PC's local culture does not match MM/DD/YYYY format, changing the date index value is failing with date picker (12433)

Viewer: Unable to view password protected readonly PDF files (11625) [SysAid 11420, 44689]

Workflow: There is no way to create Prompt User rule for updating Date index field in Manage workflow (12437)

Application: Timeout functionality not working consistent across all pages (11571)

Application: hotfix broke Dokmee DMS server. mismatch atalasoft.shared.dll version (12440)

Find & Replace: returns zero results when searching for values in Select List fields (12047)

Information panel: Date index fields does not allow deleting index value. (12140)

Manage: Navigating User/Group Access Rights generate error (12401) [SysAid 45914]

Preview Viewer: Opening MP3 and MP4 file types causes viewer to load forever (11612)

Audit Log: Sending emails does not record the people who were CC'd in the audit log (12022) [SysAid 35628, 42380]

Registration: Activating offline/computer bound keys are recording 0 seats in the keys file, allowing for infinite logins (12370)

Manage Workflow: Send to Folder Action pop out window's buttons are hanging off the window (11026)

Restricted user Dokmee DMS able to update the Select list Index field value (12378) [SysAid 44809]

Dokmee hangs if user without import rights attempts to import (12385) [SysAid 44834]

User Function Right does not inherit from group Function Rights (12395) [SysAid 44719]

Open File Cabinet displays duplicates when access rights are altered (12397) [SysAid 45889]

Application: Prevent multiple calls to Database versioning methods (12384)

Manage: My Mail Settings will lock up browser with infinite loading wheel if user change Server to Default and click Test Email (12037)

OCR: OCR settings changed to system wide setting. OCR setting should not apply per user or per file cabinet. (11435)

Application: Idle timer is running during upload process (9334) [SysAid 31104, 40464]

Dokmee DMS>Arabic and Thai Translations (12240) [SysAid 40459]

Export: We need to cleanup web.publish\app_data folder (11518) [SysAid 30930]

Application: Delete does not delete all version of files. Old version of files still exist but hidden in file system and cannot (11410)

Application: Certain areas of the web are still not displaying the local culture date format (12182)

Scan: Image color doesn’t invert when user select “Invert Images” option to scan any document (9242) [SysAid 35548]

Viewer: Tooltip is not translated in some viewers. Tooltip for same buttons are translated in Open File Viewer (11910)

Information Panel: Note tab in Open File viewer in ReadOnly portal should be read only. please remove textbox and save button (12129)

Version: Saving as new version, major or minor, and opening the original version of a file it displays the new version only (11339) [SysAid 38638]

Login: Concurrency is not being set correctly when the machine cannot connect to license server (12335)

Login: In offline environments the license configuration file is becoming invalid after a few days (12336) [SysAid 40455, 40790]

Search: Quick search is showing multiple versions of same file in the results (12311)

Scan and Find & Replace: Valid numbers autoformat when navigating away from index field. We should limit all number fields (12027)

File Explorer: Saving index values to additional Folder Index fields will cause folder to lose Folder Title label in tree, brows (12128)

Viewer: We need to clean up Atalacache when session ends. Not all files are being cleared from cache (11875)

File Explorer: Open button above treeview opens new tab to error message (12275) [SysAid 41009]

Viewer: Identify and determine why BMP of annotation stamps for every image file are being created in Atalasoft cache location (11874)

Viewer: Opening a file in Quick view does not show file's content while opening the same file in Full view throws an error. (12308) [SysAid 42160]

Popout Viewer: Add warning when deleting annotations or pages (9324)

Search: Advanced/Quick/MultiCab search is inconsistent. It seems like 'All index and system fields' does not include all indexes (12263) [40826]

Viewer: Error thrown when viewing microsoft/eml/msg/mp3/mp4/htm/html files stating path cannot be found (12156) [SysAid 37403]

File Explorer: Uploading/Deleting/Merging/Cut/Copy/Pasting actions are not refreshing document tree or browser (12151) [SysAid 37336, 37357]

Search: Quick and Advanced search is not searching Number Index fields for large numbers (12061) [SysAid 35505]

Dokmee Cloud & Web/BSI Scanner - Application: The web.config file for cloud service is missing from 6.2 install (12158, 12162) [SysAid 37451].

Export: Direct upload to Dokmee6 web taking too long will result in timeout at 20 minutes. Export summary report success incorre (12148)

Export: When users attempt to make folder when exporting to web 6.2 an error is returned (12159) [SysAid 37450, 37529]

Export: When users export to web and select the root of the cabinet, the files do not get uploaded (12160) [SysAid 37450, 37365, 37516]

Export: incorrectly report successful export status but files are missing in Direct Upload > Dokmee6 scenarios (12149) [SysAid 37470]

Export: with foldering with identical index value should dump file into that folder. It should not break export or create new f (12150) [SysAid 35505]

About: Thai language EULA is a broken html page (12252)

Advanced Search: foreign symbolic language characters in Index field exports incorrectly for CSV export in Readonly portal (12024)

Advanced Search: foreign symbolic language characters in Index field exports incorrectly for PDF export (12023)

Advanced Search: When users export the results list in IE the created and modified dates are shown as gibberish when using non U (12157) [SysAid 37447]

Annotation: Stamps dramatically increase file size (10477)

Audit Log: The time in audit log is displaying UTC time rather than end-user's timezone (12190) [SysAid 38687]

Audit: filtering generate "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" error (12245)

File Explorer: Selecting a file in document browser and then previewing it removes highlight, but it is still selected (12081)

File Explorer: Slow queries access file explorer. Services Error - Timeout expired (12057) [35640]

Full text highlight in PDF (10407)

Manage File Cabinet: Renaming a cabinet to a non-unicode language results in name changing to question marks (12228) [SysAid 40105]

Preview Viewer: Zooming in is vertically stretching the image rather than expanding the whole image/document (11685) [SysAid 28693]

Search: export to PDF result in infinite loading circle. It does not produce pdf even with a very small result list. (12247)

Viewer: PDF files not displaying properly unless OCR run (11421) [SysAid 10807]

Viewer: PDF highlight option should only be visible if file is PDF & have OCR text (11100)

Workflow: Error thrown in web console when users attempt to approve/reject a step that contains stamp or email action (12204) [SysAid 39003, 40536, 40559]

Search: Advanced search does not return all index field values, affecting filtering (12264) [SysAid 40827, 40835]

[email protected] in been CC on Documents Approval (12386) [SysAid 44853]

Manage: My Mail Settings will lock up browser with infinite loading wheel if user change Server to Default and click Test Email (12037)

Ampersand symbol causes truncated filename (12513) [SysAid 48582]

Sorting numeric fields in Advanced Search (12482) [SysAid 48473]

Application: comment out globalization key in BSI web.config (12174)

Application: displays webapp incorrectly after applying (12522)

Manage Workflow: is missing all workflows. Documents are showing up in Workflow Inbox so it indicates there are be valid workfl (12520)


Installation instructions:

1. Ensure client is running Dokmee version 6.2.0,,,,,,, or

2. Run Dokmee.web. - ensure path is correct and it replace files at Web folder location ("%DokmeeHomePath%\web.publish\")

3. Be advised - Dokmee.web. will run SQL script against default port 1433 on local computer. 

                a. If client's database is on separate server, please copy "drop_dms_sprocs.bat & drop_dms_sprocs.sql” in Web folder location ("%DokmeeHomePath%") to SQL server and run bat file.

                b. If client's database is on different port other then 1433, please edit "drop_all_sp_get_fsnodes.bat & drop_dms_sprocs.bat" in Web folder location ("%DokmeeHomePath%").  Add port after localhost with client's sql server connection settings and run bat file.

4. INSTALLATION COMPLETE -  **on all Client computer – Clear browser cache**