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  • Dokmee Capture 6.4.1 Hotfix

    Bugs Zone Recognition: 128 Barcodes are not being read for indexing when also used for separation [52792] Export Module: Error thrown during export for profiles that only have/use Zone Recogni...
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    New Features Dynamic Select List Bugs Batch Profile: Attempting to save a new barcode template results in an already in use error being thrown QC Index: Multi-Update is showing the ...
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    We are releasing Dokmee Capture 6.3.0.  It includes improvements and fixes listed below. This should only be applied to Dokmee Capture version 6.2.0 or later. Installation instructions: 1...
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    New Fixes Search: Advanced/Quick/MultiCab search is inconsistent. It seems like 'All index and system fields' does not include all indexes (12263) [40826]   Cumulative fix V...
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      Fixed Issues  Viewer Files with old File notes get “Index was outside the bounds of the array” error and is inaccessible [9662] AutoCad (DWG) and GIF files are not viewable [9299]  Know...
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      New Features   Viewer Add image annotation to Pop-out viewer Add ability to edit and Save in Workflow inbox     Improvement Application Overall navigation and search performance in...
Dokmee DMS 6.3
16 April 2018

Dokmee DMS 6.3

We are release Dokmee DMS 6.3, MS Addins and Virtual Printer today. 

Dokmee DMS 6.3 database has been modified and will automatically migrate user’s database when user access their Dokmee file cabinet.  These database changes are incompatible with old versions of MS Addins, Virtual Printer, Dokmee Capture, Sync, and Dokmee4 and file cabinets will appear empty. 

Application versions compatible with Dokmee DMS 6.3 are:

  • Dokmee Capture 6.2+
  • MS Addins 6.3.
  • Virtual Printer 6.3
  • Dokmee Sync 6.3

New Feature

  • OCR: Add support for ABBYY
  • Dokmee DMS Themes


  • DMS User Guide - Update
  • Workflow: Improve date validation in workflow rule and dialog prompt to require valid values in date index fields
  • Application: Add "have child node' to all folder browser to indicate a node has child node(s)


  • Installation Error: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms [45955]
  • Search: export list currently only export current visible list on page.  It should export full list results [37523, 42238]
  • Upgrade: DMS from 6.2 to  Launch of DMS server app generate Event log errors


  • Error being thrown when attempting to upload files [38987 , 40248]
  • User with large database experiencing multiple problems

File Explorer

  • Create new folder in Scan/Upload module will generate Object reference error message [28723, 29840]
  • Creating a folder is throwing an object reference error [38761, 40119, 40804, 40937, 40248]
  • Remove use of stored procedure FsGetFullPath from SDK


  • Automatic Upload jobs with indexing should import all files at defined location regardless if it was noted in the index
  • Automatic Upload jobs with indexing and import OCR text with tiff will crash on text file that does not have correspond


  • Date sorting is sorting by string.  It should be sorting by SQL time
  • Hitting Enter from Make New Folder prompt should only close New folder prompt
  • Scan: No prompt for scanning plugin
  • DMS Full Text Search Showing result from a Restricted Folder [52904]
  • ABBYY will OCR first few document but return errors for remaining documents in queue
  • Save: disable or hide Save New Version option for Dokmee DMS Professional license
  • License: We need to hide Auto OCR queue in web for Dokmee DMS Professional license
  • Manage: cannot modify user with existing expiration date after navigating to another page of users
  • Merge Files: will crash server app after running manual OCR
  • Optimization: Implement Stored Procedure currently used by Web into Server app.
  • OCR: Server app cannot initialize file cabinet after manual OCR of file in same file cabinet. Restarting server app required to
  • Open File Viewer: DateTime format validation is displaying conflicting DateTime format and preventing use of Date index fields