3 Signs Your Medical Practice Can Benefit from ECM

ECM (enterprise content management) software is a valuable component for the modern-day business, especially those businesses in the healthcare industry. If your medical practice has not yet started taking advantage of all ECM has to offer, you could be missing out. Here is a look at a few signs it is time to make a change and start using ECM for your practice. 

You have constant issues with regulatory compliance. 

Regulatory compliance from organizations like HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a huge factor in the medical care industry. If you are not handling documents in the proper ways, you could easily be found non-compliant, face major fees and penalties, and have a lot of interruptions for your place of business. If you have frequent issues with complying with the regulations set forth by governing agencies, there is a good chance you need an ECM software. The ECM software helps you stay compliant by keeping private information more secure, keeping documents organized so they do not get lost, and keeping storage processes efficient. 

Your practice is frequently losing important patient records.

Losing patient records is a huge problem in a medical practice. These documents give you a virtual reference to use every time a patient comes in for treatment, but they may also be necessary when a patient is being treated elsewhere, such as at another doctor's office or a hospital. Losing patient records can cause major headaches for everyone, including your patients and staff members. With an ECM software in use, there is less of a chance that pertinent patient records will be lost. Instead, they will be aptly filed away in a logical format and secured so they are easy to retrieve later on. 

Your employees have a difficult time tracking down content when it is needed. 

One of the biggest signs that your medical practice could benefit from having a good ECM software is if you get a lot of complaints because employees cannot find what they need in a timely and efficient manner. For instance, if a patient calls and they need information about one of the medications they were prescribed, an attending nurse may have to go into the system and look for input documents related to that medication. If they have to spend an hour looking for that information, there is a problem. ECM software will make locating content far easier to achieve. 

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