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Companies that have used document management software are familiar with having their paperwork scanned, then organizing and filing it electronically. No one wants to have piles of paperwork on their desk, or in drawers and file cabinets. Even if it is organized, it can be a big hassle to find something you might need right away. So, how would software locate a specific file in a matter of seconds? How would an accountant be able to locate an invoice dated in 2006 along with all related note...
Dokmee is proud to present the latest document capture software– Dokmee Capture version 6.Offering unlimited scanning, automated data capture options, and un-matched reporting and auditing tools, Dokmee Capture is the ideal software for scanning service bureaus, centralized scanning departments within large corporations, or companies looking to convert a large backlog of files.There are many new features and improvements to version 6 including: allow zone recognition and exporting to ...
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