Finding the Right Enterprise Content Management System

Good communication and record-keeping are important for every business, especially growing ones. It's easy to lose documents, lose track of how a project is progressing and not know whether your team is following through with your directives. Luckily, enterprise content management (ECM) software can help you with documentation and communication. However, to find the right platform, you'll have to consider certain issues like the following.

Integration with Existing Software

Installing an ECM platform to handle all the content that your team deals with is easier when the ECM software integrates with what you're already using. Above all, ensure that the ECM software you go with will integrate nicely with your email program and the types of files you're likely to use every day.

Good Search Capability

While all features should be examined before deciding on a particular ECM software, the search function is perhaps most important. Look for software that permits both text and tag searching; it should be easy for you or others to find the files, pictures, and documents you're seeking. If it takes you forever to find the invoice, file or photo you're looking for, the ECM software won't work for your team.

Automatic Backing Up to the Cloud

It's likely that many ECM software platforms will utilize some kind of cloud storage. Being able to save every file and document offsite can be a great way to guard against losing valuable data. However, it's even better to know that automatic saves and updating will happen with the software you select. Automatic backups will ensure that even if team members forget to save files, automatic saves will happen.

Ease of Use

Enterprise content management software has to be easy to learn and simple to use. Your team has other business tasks to focus on and if the software is challenging to use, it's likely that employees will opt to use it as little as possible. Use trials and ECM software demos to see which platforms are most intuitive and straightforward.

Great Customer Service

Not only should the software itself be good; you'll also need the customer service department to be stellar as well. Glitches, updates, questions, and other issues will arise at one point or another; being able to trust customer service from a specific ECM software company will keep your staff on track.

Thinking about usability and technical details like these will encourage you to find appropriate ECM software. Use trials from different vendors and discuss their suitability with your managers before you choose one.

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