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4 Things To Look For In An ECM Software With A Focus On Document Management

When it comes to choosing an enterprise content management platform for your business, you want to make sure you choose the right platform. You need a platform that will meet your business's needs. If your business needs ECM software that focus on document management, there are a few things you will need to focus on.

1. Ability to Store Large Files

If your primary need for an ECM platform is document management, you need to make sure that the system will allow you to store large files. You need a network that is capable of storing files that are multi-terabytes large. Excessive data storage is vitally important when your business relies on large files for information.

2. Support a Wide Variety of Files

Next, you need a system that will be able to support a large variety of files. Microsoft Word files are going to be far from the only files you need to store. You need an ECM platform that will support files such as images, videos, and even 3D objects. That way, the file system will be able to support all of the types of documents that you could possibly create or use within your business and with your ECM platform.

3. Support Access Control

Next, you want an ECM that will not only store all of your documents but will also allow you to control who accesses the documents. Just because you uploaded documents and files to your ECM platform doesn't mean you want everyone in the world to have access to those files. You need an ECM platform that will allow you to set-up permissions for the various files on the platform, so only the individuals you want to have access to the files will have access.

4. Ability to Manipulate the Files

Finally, you need to make sure any ECM platform that you use has the ability to allow you to not just store the files but also use the files. You need to be able to create new files and documents within the platform. You need to be able to read and update the files, and you need to be able to delete the files as well.

If you need an ECM platform that has a focus on document management, you need to look for a platform that has the ability to store large files, supports a wide type of files, allows you to control access to the files, and gives you the ability to manipulate the files.

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