Examples Of Documents Worth Storing With ECM Software

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is perhaps one of the most modern types of software companies are using to eliminate the dependence on paper documents, keep documents properly organized, and eliminate risks that come along with a lack of organization. It is well-known that the ECM software allows your company to make digital versions of all kinds of paper documents, but many companies are so new at using ECM that they forget some documents are well worth saving. Beyond the usual digital uploads of things like sales orders and inventory sheets, there are other documents worth capturing as well. Here are a few examples of documents that are worth storing with your business ECM software system. 

Applicant Resumes 

When you are in the process of onboarding new employees, you will most likely collect a ton of resumes. While most companies will not keep the resumes beyond the hiring process, you really should. If you have to hire more people later or one of the new candidates you chose does not work out, you can easily go back to the resumes you have and call on someone else. Storing resumes digitally will make it super simple to single out certain resumes by keywords or names. For example, if you need someone who is skilled with Marketing for your marketing team, you can search out this resume in your ECM software.

Incoming Mail Pieces 

Physical mail incoming to a business is still very much a thing, but a lot of this mail gets tossed aside or stored away in a filing cabinet. It is always a good idea to scan any incoming mail communications so they can be later accessed by the people who need to see the pieces later on. Whether it is a notification from a local utility company about upcoming price changes or a letter of company recommendation from a colleague, these pieces of information can be important to have around later. 

Meeting Notes 

Meetings that take place in a business setting can be highly important happenings in which a lot of good information comes about. Most business owners have someone taking notes during a meeting, and there are good reasons to hang onto these notes to upload with the ECM software. You can have a voice recording of the meeting, but that doesn't necessarily help you search out a part of the meeting and recollect it. If you have a digitized version of the text that was jotted down, you can go back and see what you talked about. 

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